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another year

a short history of almost something

31 October 1984
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i would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of new york's skyline.
particularly when one can't see the details. just the shapes. the shapes and the thought that made them.
the sky over new york and the will of man made visible. what other religion do we need?

female. 20ish. academic dork. grad school at syracuse. sardonic. incorrigible. pretentious. jaded. snarky. surprisingly crafty. broadway elitist. fangirl. loveable. going through life with a serious emo bent.
total fangirl:

[tv style] veronica mars. house. studio 60 on the sunset strip. the office. west wing (the first four seasons). sports night. friday night lights. bones.

[broadway style] alice ripley. emily skinner. the company revival. sherie rene scott. norbert leo butz. the last five years. songs for a new world. parade. jason robert brown. tony kushner. caroline, or change. wicked. idina menzel. grey gardens. stephen sondheim. sunday in the park with george. into the woods. assassins. laura benanti. grey gardens. and people with undeniable talent.
friends only. comment to be added.

[things to expect] fangirling. talk of my life. complete sentences. pictures.
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new york - like a scene from all those movies.
but you're real enough to me.
and there's a heart. a heart that lives in new york.

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